Call Back Not the End of Samsung’s Woes


Samsung was dealt a blow again regarding as GreenPeace, an environmental advocacy group, slammed the company for failing to provide adequate details on how it envisions to dispose of millions of Note 7 smartphones, after Samsung started calling back their latest offering amid concerns of its faulty batteries which led to the phone catching fire on numerous occasions.

There would be toxic waste equivalent to around 28 shipping containers if the world’s biggest smartphone giant chooses to dump these called back phones altogether, as the report by Greenpeace stated.

After months of controversy and a huge public relations fiasco, Samsung decided to grind their production of Note 7 to a halt while also discontinuing sales. It was Samsung’s biggest financial disaster in many years as this incident led to its mobile division reporting operating profits to the tune of just a meager $88 million in the third quarter as compared to the comparably huge $2.1 billion profit it generated the year before.

The 96% plunge in profits would have been an enough blow for Samsung to deal with, but with Greenpeace at its tail for how the smartphone giant would dispose of nearly 3 million handsets which it had sold off and the 1.3 million which never made it to the market, an amount which could contain 20 metric tons of cobalt and around 1000 kilos of silver in addition to a lot of other metals, which could prove immensely harmful to the environment.

This takes us back to the heavy human costs and environmental damage that these smartphones inflict on the environment as mining for precious metals that are used in their manufacturing continues unabated, the report released by Greenpeace noted.

Samsung has been at the forefront of a public relations nightmare since the reports started to surface that the latest smartphone catches fire, with many Airlines banning the Note 7 altogether from coming on board any of their flights. Greenpeace’s latest report would further increase the pressure on Samsung to neutralize the negativity which continues to shroud its other offerings as well.