Boosted Second in Line After Samsung for Exploded Batteries


It looks like that it’s not just Samsung which is facing woes for exploding batteries as Boosted, a company noted for its “better” line of electric skateboards is seemingly facing a similar predicament as its second generation of devices have reportedly “Vented”.

There were two separate incidents where lithium-ion batteries, the same ones used in Note 7, were found to be culprits in the smoke that started to emanate automatically from electric skateboards produced by Boosted.

Amid concerns, Boosted has issued a warning message on its site that asks users to keep the skateboards at a safe distance from highly flammable objects and asked users to shift their boards outside their houses if they happen to observe signs of the battery starting to vent like smoke or excessive heating. The boards would then be examined by engineers from the company as the incident is reported to Boosted.

The electric skateboards in question are part of Boosted’s second generation device which was released in August. The skateboards were marketed as being water-resistant. The company also announced its plans to offer newer skateboards for sale with bigger batteries slated for release in early 2017. Boosted has stopped shipments of the device in question and it remains to be seen whether Boosted will stop its 2017 releases amidst concerns for the lithium ion batteries that have not had the best of years in terms of their safety and capabilities beyond the promised “extended battery life”.

Whether Boosted opts for a call back of its devices like Samsung did, is yet to seen but things are not looking good for the consumer as the search for the best batteries with extended lives is yet to find a suitable solution.