Airbnb’s New Partnership with SolarCity Will Provide Users with $1000 Cash Back


Last Tuesday, Airbnb announced that it would give users $1000 cash back if they were to install solar panel systems purchased from SolarCity, as parts of it new partnership. Solar City is a solar power system provider, which will now merge with Tesla, which provides solar panels to power homes and offices with services ranging from financing to maintenance and installation.

The current offer is slated to start now and will end in March but the rebate would continue as then users would benefit from a lowered $750 rebate. The cash back offers are being funded by SolarCity in a bid to revamp its growth after it also unveiled solar tiles in a recent ceremony.

SolarCity currently operates in 19 markets as of now and everyone who happens to use Airbnb, ranging from guests to hosts, could benefit from this offer until further news arrives.

“We know specifically that our guests are, in fact, looking for those types of places to travel to,” said Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s Head of Global Public Policy & Communications, who has reasserted the company’s stance on being environmental friendly. The company has also been noted in the past for its efforts towards environment protection as it was previously partnering with NRG Home Solar which aimed at giving rebates on solar leases to users.

SolarCity says that an average solar panel could go a long way in not only pulling back carbon dioxide emissions into the environment but also help in cutting down costs if used regularly.

The company has said that it would be targeting the millennial market, which, until now, has been vastly utilized in terms of promoting environmentally friendly technology. The adoption rates here are still quite low.

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